Campaign details

Brand: Domino's Pizza
Agency: S/A Llorente & Cuenca

Domino's approached LLORENTE & CUENCA so that we could help them with the launch of the Domino's Report on Road Traffic and Good Driving.

This report was executed by Domino's due to its concern about the high numbers of deaths caused in traffic accidents, which positioned the Dominican Republic as the country with the greatest number of victims in Latin America and number two in the world. Added to this is the fact that 85% of these deaths were motorcyclists, of which the large majority are young men from 17 to 37 years old.

The Challenge

Domino's is a multinational company in the food and beverage business. At first, it may not seem to be related to the problem of traffic and mobility. However, its delivery people, who are a key piece in fulfilling its promise to deliver its pizzas in 30 minutes or less, are the people who deal with the chaos of traffic on the streets on a daily basis. For this reason, we had to involve them as the key piece for aligning the cause with the business.