Globally 2.4 billion people live without access to basic sanitation and hygiene practices. More than 750 million of them are living in India of which 80 percent live in rural areas. Over 120,000 children under the age of 5 years die from diarrhoea and respiratory infections annually, making them the number one cause for child deaths. Lack of sanitation deters economic growth with losses mainly driven by premature deaths, cost of health care and lost time in finding access to sanitation facilities.

As a responsible brand, RB decided to play an important role in making significant impact towards the health and hygiene conditions in India. Therefore, our mandate was to: Highlight RB as a brand that is building healthier and happier communities by instigating a change in people's behaviour towards health and hygiene

Creative Execution

We focused on highlighting RB as a responsible brand with an aim to create awareness around health and hygiene. The same was done through collaborations and conversations amongst the right stakeholders to be able to make the maximum impact. Devised initiatives and encouraged conversations through various initiatives:

  • Collaboration with All India Imam Organization for inculcating good handwashing practices in future generation:
    • Collaboration with the All India Imam Organization to launch the Dettol BSI Hand wash Digital Curriculum to sensitise 6 crore children in over 5,50, 000 madrasas in India.
    • The curriculum focuses on helping children build healthy habits and cleanliness from early childhood. This will be done through videos and multiple activities that will be both fun and engaging. The curriculum will highlight the importance of good handwashing practices, benefits of regular handwashing in preventing the spread of diseases and improving the overall health of growing children
    • Reinforcing the message of hygiene and sanitation at the Kumbh Mela 2019
    • RB became the only FMCG company to secure a formal mandate from the Kumbh Mela Adhikari Office to promote the message of good hygiene and sanitation at Kumbh Mela 2019
    • Devised campaigns like 'Haath Dhona Har Baar' through which we highlighted various instances of handwashing, with catchy taglines like 'Har Dharam Ka Bhojan Sanskar, Haath Dhona Har Baar' and 'Bimariyon Se Bachne Ka Upchaar, Haath Dhona Har Baar', thus, emphasizing the message of handwashing
    • As part of a massive public engagement drive, we staged over 1,200 street plays, set up 60 drinking water stations along with 36 handwashing stations. Over 1,000 Dettol volunteers were also deployed.
    • We drove behaviour change communication by deploying 30 Dettol Mascots, installing 30 selfie points, creating 220 wall painting, and displaying messaging on clean toilet usage practices across 15,000 toilets on-site to ensure continuous engagement with the audience.
    • We drove awareness across multiple stakeholders like government bodies and the media fraternity to ensure the message went beyond just the premises of Kumbh
  • Being responsible through hygiene index and workshops
    • In its second year, the Hygiene Index Report showcased the performance of 25 Indian cities on 6 key performance indicators - Water, Sewerage, Solid Waste, Toilet, Health and Behavioural Change Communications. Established forums and led conversations through partnerships at both city and local level between NGOs, government authorities and companies to highlight the need for sanitation.
    • We drove awareness across multiple stakeholders like government bodies and the media fraternity in each city, through workshops that discussed steps each city could take to increase their scores in the respective performance indicators. This report was disseminated to key editors and media influencers across the country to create awareness amongst citizens through impactful stories.
  • Collaboration with ASSOCHAM AND Govt. Of Punjab and conducted a drive against pollution second year in a row
    • Collaboration with ASSOCHAM & the Government of Punjab to curb stubble burning With SiTI Shield's 'Ab Hogi HarSaans Swachh' campaign continuing its fight against air pollution
    • The programme will be executed in five phases, ending in 2020. The objective is to expand the outreach to 6 leading agriculture-intensive districts in Punjab, beginning at Patiala, thereby, reaching out to 2,11,000 people and 42,200 Households in 95 villages. Over a series of 220 outreach camps, RB plans to educate and sensitize 44,000 farmers through intensive public outreach.
  • Being responsible towards the society - uplifting the lives of sanitation workers World Toilet College
    • RB, in association with the World Toilet Organization, laid the foundation of India's first World Toilet College for sanitation workers in Aurangabad, Maharashtra
    • The programme will help in their skill development and improve their socio-economic standard by providing better employment opportunities training 5,000 sanitation workers over a period of two years.

Dettol Hygiene Curriculum has reached 4.5 million school kids in 6 states in 7 major languages with focus on personal hygiene, at home hygiene, at school hygiene, hygiene during illness and neighbourhood hygiene. The programme has been instrumental in bringing 10% reduction in diarrhoea instances while increasing the school attendance in the same proportion.