Situation Analysis

Singapore's digital transformation and e-payments push is well underway, reshaping how consumers engage with brands - from the introduction of novel shopping spaces to the adoption of omnichannel strategies, brands and consumers are given the opportunity to view the act of shopping in a different light. This transformation mirrors consumer behaviour with shoppers moving from offline to online, causing traditional retailers to feel the pinch of such shifts.

The days of small, traditional brick-and-mortar store are numbered. Unable to grapple with such changes, mom-and-pop stores wound up competing with hypermarkets that catered to every need of the consumers, with their primary focus being time- and cost-efficient. Massive pain points traditional stores faced went beyond simply understanding their inventory and their customer base, but rather their inability to expand their demographic to comprise an enclosed environment. In addition, niche items such as ethnic goods could only be purchased from heritage areas like Little India, Chinatown, and Kampong Glam, forcing customers to travel long distances.