A global technology and engineering leader, Emerson employs thousands of subject matter experts (SMEs) around the globe. These team members are considered industry experts on complex issues, and Emerson is eager to find new, direct ways to help its leaders engage with prospective customers and partners. Most SMEs do not use social media for business purposes, and as they gain seniority in the company, they are even less inclined to use social media to demonstrate thought leadership. Several years ago, Emerson conducted a social media training course but the curriculum was outdated, lacked a compelling call-to-action, failed to provide tangible tracking results/impact and didn't provide employees the tools to simplify engagement and act as brand advocates.

To help SMEs share their knowledge and maintain a consistent drumbeat of content, Emerson and FleishmanHillard developed a new, immersive training curriculum based on the latest social/digital trends, best practices, tools and channels. The program had lofty objectives:

  • Amplify each expert's unique voice and area of expertise
  • Support the selling process by helping customers understand how Emerson technologies and services enable them to achieve their goals and connect with customers in a live, dynamic environment
  • Build recognition and trust in Emerson's expertise
  • Encourage peer sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices
  • Provide a platform for employee advocacy and social knowledge management
  • Drive traffic to online assets
  • Attract the best talent to Emerson