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Advertiser: Consejo Nacional de la Competitividad (CNC)
Brand: Consejo Nacional de la Competitividad (CNC)
Agency: Burson-Marstellar

Consejo Nacional de la Competitividad Organizational Strengthening and Survival

Developed by Burson-Marsteller Peru for CONSEJO NACIONAL DE LA COMPETITIVIDAD (CNC) September 2016


  • The National Council for Promotion of Competitiveness (CNC, for its Spanish acronym) is a very low-profile government agency that seeks to coordinate public and private sector initiatives, in conjunction with international cooperation, to promote Peru's competitiveness.
    • A qualitative media audit to 12 top tier editors and journalists revealed lack of awareness of CNCs role, contributions and achievements
  • Despite having contributed to several positive reforms, these have often gone unnoticed due to lack of communication. In order to avoid rivalries with other government agencies, they had never considered publicizing their successes or actions. The total lack of public awareness of their achievements put the CNC at risk of being shut down by the new government administration following the 2016 presidential elections.
  • On the eve of a new administration, the existence of several government agencies was beginning to be questioned. Those with the lowest levels of recognition were at risk of being eliminated. The CNC needed a communications plan that would allow it to show its valuable work to promote competitiveness, with only four months until the change of government was to take place.


  • Ensure the CNC's continuity despite a change of government and authorities following the elections.
  • Position the CNC as the only government agency with the technical know-how and capacity to lead Peru's competitiveness reforms.
  • Raise awareness of the progress made as part of the Competitiveness Agenda for 2014-2018, and of the importance of continuing to work toward the goals established by the public and private sectors.
  • Include the issue of competitiveness, its achievements and ongoing challenges in the media's agenda, in order to generate a debate on the subject in the electoral campaign (with a focus on continuity).


  • Raise awareness of the CNC's importance as the only agency dedicated to coordinating initiatives and reforms to promote national competitiveness in order to prevent the agency's discontinuation.

Strategic Measures

  • Implemented a public perception study that gathered information on opinions among the CNC's primary stakeholders (press and business associations).
  • Developed a platform for messages and selected communication channels.
  • Liaised with editors (nation-wide newspapers and magazines) and business leaders (leading associations) to present the CNC, its contribution to Peru's competitiveness, and its projects and achievements to date.
  • Hosted informational workshops with economy journalists to provide a detailed presentation on the importance of the 2014-2018 Competitiveness Agenda and past achievements.
  • Conducted comprehensive press management: managing interviews with the CNC's Executive Director and preparing press releases by identifying newsworthy information.
  • Implemented a direct marketing strategy (bimonthly newsletters) with relevant information for CNC stakeholders.