Campaign details

Brand: Crisis Management Initiative (CMI)
Agency: Miltton, Miltton Creative and Cocoa Mediaproductions

CMI is a small, independent NGO working towards peace in conflict areas across the world. Largely dependent on public money, CMI found its funding severely reduced by the Finnish government's budget cuts. Luckily, the Finns have a soft spot for CMI's founder, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Martti Ahtisaari, whose 80th birthday was coming up. It was clearly an opportunity to create the biggest ever birthday surprise.


  • Raise funds for CMI's peace mediation work
  • Raise awareness of CMI's work among the Finnish public
  • Create public advocacy for CMI and Finland's position as a peace mediator on the global stage


This was the first time CMI had ever targeted individual consumers in its fundraising. Apart from its founder, the former Finnish president and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Martti Ahti-saari, the organisation was relatively unknown among the public. CMI's often classified work in conflict zones makes it difficult for them to communicate the importance of their work. We needed to find a way to make the organisation relevant to Finns, while respecting the fragility of ongoing peace processes.