Campaign details

Brand: Merck
Agency: fischerAppelt

Situation and Objectives

As part of its State of Curiosity report, Merck discovered that only 20% of workers in Germany, China and the US self-identify as curious. To improve this situation, and infect science and technology audiences with the innovative effect of curiosity, Merck started the global #catchcurious initiative.

The campaign's core objective was to strengthen Merck's reputation as a vibrant science and technology company among customers, innovation partners, and potential employees.

A global network of B2B influencers was to support and amplify digital advertising campaigns by infecting relevant audiences with the #catchcurious message before directing them to the Curiosity Hub, the online home to all campaign activities and content.

Strategy, insights and idea

Breakthroughs begin with curiosity. With this insight, our strategic goal focused on the creation of a discovery driven platform to really stir the curiosity of visitors, making interactions with the overlying campaign both rewarding and entertaining. Harnessing the power of an inspirational and, at times, provocative campaign narrative, we aimed to empower and activate B2B audiences with curiosity, the driving force behind innovation.