The Opportunity

The power of touch is essential for positive well-being. It is proven to reduce anxiety and stress and is the first sense we develop as humans. For individuals living with HIV/AIDS this essential need is often taken away from their daily lives due to fear.

As an organization that promotes understanding through compassion and making their clients' humanity more visible than their disease, Casey House wanted to shine a light on the importance and the power of touch, especially for those living with HIV/AIDS to dispel misconceptions around contraction.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive media coverage and heated social discussion surrounding June's Eatery, the world's first HIV+ restaurant in 2017, much of that fear and misunderstanding still exists today. Narrative was challenged to build the momentum from last years' campaign and create relevant content that would keep the conversation about HIV/AIDS top of mind for people globally while positioning Casey House as a global leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS stigma.

Objectives + Stakeholders