Campaign details

Brand: Carlsberg Sweden, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute & New Carnegie Brewery
Agency: BCW Stockholm


In a world threatened by water shortage there are techniques to transform sewage water into drinkable water, just as pure as the Swedish tap water. To challenge preconceptions and let people discover that sewage water can become our future thirst-quencher, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and Carlsberg developed PU:REST, Sweden's first beer brewed with purified sewage water. Word about the Swedish "sewage beer" spread globally. The purely PR driven campaign resulted in over 500 articles from more than 20 countries, including China, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, India, Nigeria and the U.S.


Swedish people take our drinking water for granted. We leave our taps running, we shower too long and we flush our toilets with water pure enough to drink, even though we're aware that pure water is far from a certainty in many parts of the world. It is essential to save water, but we also need solutions to handle the water shortage. IVL Swedish Environmental Institute has developed a purification technique which trans-forms sewage water into drinkable water, just as pure as the Swedish tap water. The technique can be used across the globe, but there are many preconceptions about purified sewage water and few are aware of the technology. IVL Swedish Environmental Institute therefore wanted to:

  • Raise awareness amongst the public about the water shortage
  • Show that solutions to recycle water (specifically IVL's technique) exists
  • Challenge preconceptions about drinking purified sewage water

The Creative Idea