In March 201 8, BWL Agency was approached by the Nigerian - British trio of Grace Ladoja MBE, Grime artist, Skepta and BBK Africa's Dex about the launch of The Homecoming Project, a platform for cultural exchange between the creative industries.

Over the last ten years, Nigeria has seen an increase in the number of young Nigerians returning back from the United States and the U.K, as a result, an authentic cultural revolution is happening in Africa. From fashion to music to football (Africa specifically Nigeria) is a hotbed of young talent. Its stars aren't just performing under the international spotlight. From Coachella to selling out shows at London's O2 - they are changing the game, leading global trends and making sure the world takes note.

But despite the successes, the reality is that although these stars are internationally celebrated, the local industry is not fully formed and needs major infrastructure development in order to sustain this phenomenal innovation.