Situation Analysis

Bosch Home Appliances was about to embark on its biggest challenge to-date, by launching a new handstick vacuum cleaner, which had undergone a major design overhaul that had a similar look to a Dyson handstick - the market category leader. Coincidentally, it was also set to be launched at the same time as the new Dyson Cyclone v10, which was launched in April 2018, with a major exhibition and consumer roadshow at Singapore's iconic Marina Bay Sands, that attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

With a marketing budget far smaller than Dyson had, the agency was tasked to come up with a low-cost, influencer-led campaign to promote the new Bosch Unlimited Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner. The clearly-stated KPI was meeting at minimum 100% of Bosch's sales target by the end of the campaign. However, there were several challenges the team had to overcome:

  1. The price of the new Bosch vacuum cleaner was higher than a Dyson, making consumer acceptance even more difficult.
  2. With the influencer engagement landscape in Singapore evolving, an increasing number of influencers are now asking for paid engagements, and the competitive set of brands reaching out to the same limited pool of influencers is growing.