Barefoot Wine, the #1 wine sold in America and leader in sales in traditional wine bottles, introduced a spritzer can in 2017 to disappointing sales. It entered the spritzer business to follow a growing industry trend - 37% of Spritzer consumers are new to wine or switching to this sector called Flavored Alcoholic Beverage (FAB). The FAB category is the fastest growing category within the $234B alcohol space, with 79% of FAB consumption coming from young females according to the Wine Varietal Scorecard, Kaleidoscope.

Barefoot's spritzer product was lower in calories and sugar than the competition, and 75% of millennials read nutrition labels, even in the alcohol space. Yet Barefoot's initial entry into the space was disappointing because the brand resonated with an older audience (according to Gallo, average Barefoot consumer is 35 and) not the millennial target, which is the key purchaser of spritzer products. For Barefoot to continue its leadership position and attract new users, it had to succeed in this critical space within the wine industry, spritzers.