Campaign details

Brand: AXE (Unilever)
Agency: Edelman South Africa

In 2017, AXE South Africa was tasked to build on the global rebrand AXE underwent in 2016, called Find Your Magic. In year two, South Africa had two big goals: win back the hearts of young men across South Africa by convincing them that AXE is an on-trend brand; and educate consumers around AXE's fragrance and functional superiority. Underpinning all communications, AXE must keep youth empowerment central to the brand with a focus on music, specifically DJs and House music. AXE empowers young men to define masculinity on their terms, while helping to redefine masculinity globally in a modern world.

In 2016 the global AXE brand conducted research to understand the young male target and how he's evolved from previous generations. The research examined media consumption, grooming preferences, definitions of masculinity and beyond.

The Africa market took that further, examining the young African male consumer. Research looked at how his experiences and understanding of masculinity, and the world around him, are shaped by his African culture and tradition, which differs from the experiences of his global peers. What was born was the 'Mofaya' generation: Young South African men (aged 16- to 25-years-old) who are on their own journey to manhood.