The Client

Airfox, founded in 2016 in Boston, provides both the unbanked and those not well served by traditional banking institutions with free access to reliable financial services through mobile and blockchain technology. Operating primarily in emerging markets, Airfox's mobile app offers an egalitarian alternative to people otherwise excluded from access to loans, credit and debit cards, financial planning, and affordable interest rates. Additionally, users can buy mobile data and airtime, pay for utilities, add credit to their public transportation cards, transfer money to friends, and more. Airfox hired Sherlock to help launch their "digital wallet" in Brazil.

The Brief

Airfox came to us as a two-year-old company with their "digital wallet" still in beta phase. They wanted us to help build their in-market identity with a focus on ease of use, financial inclusion, and security, while also positioning Airfox as a trustworthy and secure financial platform for both financially excluded consumers and potential partners. By specifically considering market and target audience challenges, the objective was to establish a loyal initial user base by focusing on the user's needs and how Airfox can solve them. These early users would then feel comfortable using the app on a regular basis for multiple activities, in turn helping us to tell the Airfox story, drive downloads and partnerships. Ultimately, the goal was to transform people's lives by providing access to financial services for Brazil's underprivileged.

The Challenges