Together, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo were brilliant, provocative and considered one of the most influential couples in the art and political scene of the 20th Century.

Despite the world-wide recognition of both of these artists, nowadays people are mostly focused on Frida as a symbol for the feminist movement and for her pioneering work with the "selfies". Little is remembered about the true legacy of these artists: a couple who shared a great passion for the Mexican culture and devoted their lives to defend, export, represent and celebrate all aspects of their home country. It is safe to say that they are considered one of the best representatives of Mexican culture both within the country and abroad.

Moreover, due to the trends surrounding Frida Kahlo's life, tourism has also been concentrated in Museo Frida Kahlo, one of the most popular museums in Mexico1, and despite being a beautiful museum, Casa Azul is only a part of Frida's legacy. Museo Casa Estudio and the Anahuacalli museum (Diego Rivera's habitable masterpiece) are also part of the couple's enduring legacy.