Last year, W in Singapore took the brave decision to change the way that brands engaged with influencers.

Briefed to create a campaign that would connect AirAsia with millennials, our Holiday Quickies campaign not only identified a 'sweet-spot' in our audiences' travel habits - which positioned them as the 'mini-break' airline of choice - but also brought the brand's cheeky nature to life in a disruptive way, enabling us talk to consumers in a way the brand hadn't done before.

By flipping the 'transactional' way travel brands in Southeast Asia usually engage with influencers, and instead creating more of an emotive brand journey, our integrated campaign achieved big results - over 756 social posts and S$2,417,800 media value, but most importantly a 100% positive sentiment and 15.8% engagement rate (against an industry rate of 2%).

The Problem