Campaign details

Brand: Affectiva
Agency: March Communications

Overview & Challenge

Having pioneered the now multi-billion-dollar industry of artificial emotional intelligence (Emotion Al), Affectiva has established itself as a category-defining company and media darling lauded for its innovation.

Yet Affectiva recognizes that Al is at an inflection point: Al increasingly is acting on our behalf and taking on roles traditionally held by people There has been a lot of buzz specifically around how Al will interact with humans and its promise to make our lives safer, healthier and more productive across industries from healthcare to automotive.

At the same time, there is an emerging concern that is rampant in conversations and the media regarding ethics, bias and privacy. At the end of the day, Al systems - Affectiva's included - have a lot of data and know a lot about the people they interact with. In some instances, people aren't okay with that.