Campaign details

Brand: LG Electronics
Agency: MG Consulting


(from Jan to November 2017)

Currently, LG is one the most visualized brands in national media. This status was generated by a closer relationship with Tech and Trend focus journalists in the country, something that barely existed before.

However, this wasn't an easy task. At the beginning of 2017, Samsung led the Share of Voice, since it more than triples it investment in media, which also helped to obtain a major editorial space. In the meantime, LG invested in campaigns individually, appeared in smaller spaces than its competitors, and even statements from spokespersons were taken out of context. Not to mention that in some occasions the names of the specialists were changed. That was a consequence of the scarce and bad relationship between LG and the journalists.

Therefore, a strategy to strengthen the relationship with the media was made, through concrete actions generated by us:

  • Monthly relationship one by one in celebrations for Journalist Day, end of year parties and presents for birthdays.
  • Borrowing equipment before its official arrival to the country, even able to get more than five for each category.
  • Invitations to journalists to the most important international events. Amongst them we can highlight the CES fairs, the Mobile World Congress, Innofest and IFA. Normally these invitations were hosted by Samsung or Telefonica. To manage the acceptance of the invitations, we offered flexible schedules – something not done before – as well as the stay time, which was useful since the journalist could record an additional note about tourism.