Cerveza Victoria is the oldest beer brand in Mexico, but for young Mexicans old means old fashioned and outdated.

This creates our long-term brand challenge: to reshape the way that young legal drinking age adults view tradition. We can’t bang on about how and when people drank Cerveza Victoria in the good old days. Instead we need to focus on the new Mexico, the supportive Mexico and the inspiring Mexico.

So we seek to ignite our culture and awaken the pride of what make us “mexicanos chingones”. Converting that into advertising metrics it means our key attributes to grow are: “Tradition and legacy”, “A brand that Mexicans feel proud about" and "A beer to celebrate”.

The good news is that the new generation of drinkers that we target are open to these ideas. It’s a diverse group that’s interested in companies and brands that support and reflect their values of inclusion and equality.

Brand goal