The handwash category is one of the fastest–growing categories in the personal care space in India with a CAGR of 18%, compared to soap’s CAGR of 3%. [Unilever–owned] Lifebuoy and [Reckitt Benckiser’s] Dettol both hold significant market share and these two brands dominate the category (commanding more than 70% market share), along with a few local brands including [Wipro–owned] Santoor. Collectively these brands pour millions into marketing efforts every year.

As with any new player, with a modest budget, looking to enter the category, there was a difficult choice to make:

  1. Target people predisposed to handwash while competing with big brands
  2. Or

  3. Convince people who haven’t been convinced yet to start using hand wash.

We felt getting people to switch from a trusted market leader was going to be tougher than finding new users for the category. After all, why would people wilfully ignore hygiene and choose sickness for their family?