McDonald's: Real-time marketing and dynamic creative optimization


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In these two short case studies for an automotive brand and McDonald's key best practices and pitfalls for dynamic versioning and dynamic creative are identified.

Key takeaways

  • The digital advertising ecosystem offers the opportunity of reaching the right consumer at the right time to show them a relevant ad for a product they are interested in.
  • Audiences of potentially interested consumers can be collated by various ecosystem players, but some can refine the process to adapt the ad creative to the particular consumer it reaches depending on the data known about them.
  • In the automotive case study, over 60,000 different creatives were available, and the advertiser found that several of them worked much better than the others. They simply expanded the audience for the ones that worked. You might call this dynamic copy testing, but the label 'copy testing' does not do justice to the diversity of options available in dynamic creative.

Real-time marketing: Leading auto motive brand