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Agency: Momentum Czech Republic
Country: Czech Republic


Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) is an important player on the Czech market with car financing products. It primarily focuses on the financing of new cars made by the VW group (Skoda, Volkswagen, Seat, Audi).

The large majority of its contracts are concluded through the dealers of the individual brands. A long-term problem that the brand is struggling with is that people come to their dealers already decided about how their new car will be funded (usually it's either a bank loan or cash), and only on the spot learn that they can also finance the car with VWFS.

One of the brand's strategic objectives is therefore to inform consumers about their options in car financing already when they are deciding which car to buy.

National Context of the Campaign

More information about the company

SkoFIN was founded in August 1992 and it was the first company in the Czech market to focus on the leasing of cars, primarily Skoda cars (SkoFIN = Skoda financing). Just as Skoda is among lovebrands, SkoFIN also gradually won the reputation of a Czech brand associated with positive emotions, and people considered it a part of the "national heritage" (although it was subsequently sold to Germany). Touching this "national heritage" has always been a sensitive matter in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, people feel that what is Czech is good. SkoFIN is a dominant actor in the Czech market of car financing.