Post NL: Post delivery - part of your life

Campaign details

Agency name: Publicis
Category: Dealer/Salesforce/Internal Motivation
Country: Netherlands


Whereas TNT Post was an organisation mainly staffed by full-time postal workers, most employees at the new PostNL are working part-time. To attract the part-timers needed, PostNL is running a campaign called: 'Post delivery. Part of your life', aimed at the most important target groups: students, mothers and pensioners.

However, the turnover with part-time employees is a lot higher compared to full-timers: around 42% leave within a year. Resulting in a decline in quality and high costs for recruitment, selection and training.

Internal interviews showed that this turnover was mainly caused by the fact that the work was not seen as a 'real job', something you can be proud of, and the lack of social cohesion between the postal employees. Postmen and -women work on their own and don't see much of their colleagues.