Campaign details

Agency: WELLEN a.s.
Country: Czech Republic


My Food was founded as a food & deli chain originating in Brno with the unique concept to emphasize local quality and freshness. Customers can eat on location, take a delicious healthy meal to go, or even pick up an order placed via the e-shop - adding another level of convenience. Along with the E-shop there are four brick-and-mortar locations to choose from - the opening of a new spot in Prague was also planned for 2015. After the concept was so successful in Brno, the model flourishing in the capital city with even more food lovers was a must!

National context of the campaign

The Czech Republic is currently experiencing a boom in quality food and local freshness. The growing popularity of farmers' markets is steadily increasing especially amongst urban, well educated and affluent customers. Fresh and/or bio (organic) food is still often mistaken for farm products and/or imported deli. Customers do however remain confused by the range of products offered and often have distorted ideas when it comes to pricing pricing. In addition, the perception of this market varies in Prague than in surrounding regions and more rural areas.