Campaign details

Agency: LiveXtension
Country: Italy


Smemoranda is a historical brand of school diaries in Italy. Since 1978, the Smemo has been a must-have for "progressive" secondary schools students, wanting to mix entertainment and civic engagement.

In the last few years, Smemoranda has much suffered the arrival of new brands, such as Comix and Bastardi Dentro, which are more "easily" comic, and who were taking big market shares, very quickly.

A key issue for the brand and its communication was to meet the tastes and the languages of the new generations: Smemoranda had to manage to be cool while not losing its historical "cultural" heritage. Of course, it had to be on teenagers' media: mobile phones, social networks, instant messaging apps.

National context of the campaign

Smemoranda is definitely a "cult" brand for people who went to school in the 80s and the 90s and appreciated the "civic engagement" positioning of the Smemo. The Smemo was definitely cool at that time. Most of these people are parents right now and they are likely to recommend the Smemo to their children.