Agency: Benchmark Innovation Sri Lanka

Campaign Strategy

SONY's personal audio brand "MDR Extra Bass", launched its latest category of headphones specially designed for sport, in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile with the country's health levels hitting an all-time low (especially in the Western province), the government had begun to take a greater interest in the nation's health.

The president of Sri Lanka, his Excellency Maithreepala Sirisena, himself made it his personal mission to uplift the nation's health with a number of health friendly initiatives.

These included building a number of outdoor exercise parks with long walking tracks to encourage people to work out on a daily basis.

These parks have started to pull in a significant number of people: all of them trying to burn away those excess calories.

MDR Extra Bass saw this as the perfect opportunity to capture the attention of folks who are working out to burn away the calories. MDR sought to do this by establishing a link between "music" and "working out".