Agency: DDB Mudra Group India


Inorbit Mall was operating in a templatized category that was viewing women from a clichéd lens. The mall was able to identify a future challenge and build a program that relied on its own expertise. But most importantly it realised that building a program wasn't enough. It was critical to encourage women themselves to take charge and believe in their own potential.

With this in mind, Inorbit built an integrated campaign that started with a social experiment and was activated across all forms of digital media to spread the conversation across different networks. To make sure that all women heard about Half Autobiography, the social experiment was showcased in the form of a film through in-mall kiosks, in social media and promoted through contests. People were also given the opportunity to gift this Half Autobiography – custom made – to women they wanted to encourage.

All in all, this integrated effort is what made Inorbit Mall receive more than 1400 entries, nearly 5 lakh video views and nearly 13 lakh impressions/reach across Facebook and YouTube. And organic PR worth $113410. Ultimately what matters is that 12 women got the opportunity to take their brands to a larger audience by getting free retail space at Inorbit Malls for 9 months.

Campaign Strategy: Representing 20% of the score

Inorbit's source code: People