Agency: Mindshare Vietnam, InMobi and Moblaze, Vietnam


In 2018, import duties on pick-up trucks were to be reduced from 30% to 0%, making buying a pick-up truck in 2018 cheaper than in 2017.

All players feared consumers would delay their purchase decision to the following year (2018) when the prices would drop.

To arrest a decline in 2017 all except one – Ford – slashed their prices and waged an aggressive price-war. Ford chose to steer clear and took a bold approach to stay focussed on 'features' without getting into a price war.

A well-crafted and intelligently-executed mobile campaign highlighted Ford Ranger's most unique features and engaged the target audience in a compelling way throughout their purchase journey.

A mobile-first approach that relied on real time location data using Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO), Geo-fencing and Lead Generation tactics helped Ford Ranger not only arrest decline but grow its sales volume over the previous year. This helped it over-achieve its objectives and significantly strengthened its leading position.