Agency: Entropia, Malaysia

Summary Statement

The consolidation between Permanis and Etika in 2016 allowed Etika to realize and leverage greater synergies between the group of companies. From a mere bottling company, Etika wanted to recast themselves as a next generation marketing company. We believed that the future of customer-centricity and consumer connection lay in "Personalisation" – personalized product proposition and personalized creativity. We also realized that the most powerful medium is people themselves. Hence the future of marketing lay in personalized creativity that is highly shareworthy.

In an unprecedented partnership with Marketing Magazine, Etika leveraged the power of personalized creativity to bring a whole new level of personalized relevance and customer centricity to its target audience. Each and every one of Marketing magazine readers would get their individual copy with them on the cover. It was a dream come true. Everyone was a superstar with Etika. The covers went viral! Contributing to the spur in talkability and engagement were posts by visitors which racked in 5,926 likes across more than 40 posts shared on both the social media pages of MARKETING and its founder, Professor Harmandar Singh.

Campaign Strategy (20%)