Agency: Geometry Encompass, India

The Summary Statement

People who stay away from home miss home food the most. While some have the option to visit often and savour home food, our Jawans (soldiers) who stay the farthest away, miss out on it. Owing to perpetual tensions with neighbours China & Pakistan, the Indian soldiers are always on the edge. Braving incursions and nature's raw harshness overshadows their wish for a peaceful home-cooked-meal with their families. Fortune Foods believes that there is no substitute for home-cooked-food. So, to bring its proposition alive, we crossed the borders of marketing communication and reached where no brand ever did.

We fulfilled every soldier s wish – the warmth of home-cooked-food in cold desolate camps by inviting soldiers' mothers to cook food in the army canteen. Meeting their mothers after months over a plate of their favourite, mouth-watering dish right at their base-camp made it a magical moment for them. The activation was converted into a heart-warming piece of content and seeded on social media. The viral film received a cumulative reach of 14 million (6.4 million organic) across multiple platforms.