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Brand: Unilever
Country: UK

PDC Language Analyser – Long Form

The context

A key part of what we do here at Unilever is building relationships with the consumer and attempting to better understand what they want and need. It's crucial therefore that we are able to reach them at the right time, and in the right way (ie. using the right language) to tap into their 'need' and 'want' spaces. With the rapid pace of change across the consumer goods landscape, brands are expected to be more engaging and personal than ever before, fighting for visibility whether that be on the supermarket shelf, on TV or print media, on social media, or even e-mail marketing. Across all channels, there is an upward trend for direct and conversational engagement with the consumer as brands go beyond just selling their product - the right tone of voice and brand positioning drive visibility, engagement and ultimately sales. Overall this is a positive trend – consumers have plenty of brand choices to find one that aligns with their personal values and with which they can connect, yet there are several examples of brands getting it wrong – from cringe-worthy communication attempts to appeal to millennials (see Brands Saying Bae), to offending language and imagery.