Campaign details

Brand: Cancer Research UK
Agency: Basis
Country: UK


Talking Taboos

Creating campaigns to encourage legacies is one of the hardest communications challenges for charities like Cancer Research UK (CRUK). Even for staunch supporters, there's a strong reluctance to engage with the topic, which makes it challenging to communicate, and to research. CRUK's marketing team challenged Basis to ensure their legacy campaigns inspired positive engagement, rather than morbid awkwardness.

From previous work with the charity, we knew that to succeed we must address key supporter concerns, which contribute to avoidance and inertia around wills:

  • Taboo: a will is an intensely personal matter, and attempts to discuss this cross a line for many.
  • Complexity: as well as being tonally morbid, writing a will involves answering fundamentally difficult, existential questions about one's wishes.
  • Admin: organising a will is seen as complicated and expensive.