The challenge

Takeda knew from sales and primary research that there is a delay in prescribing biologics as a whole to Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) patients – and, of course, within this sits their own unique product. There were essentially two hurdles to overcome: gastroenterologists (GEs) not only cautious about entire class but, in particular, Takeda's brand as it is one of the newest to market. Also, while Takeda knew this stalling behaviour to be prevalent, they didn't know why. Based on earlier primary research, doctors could rationally understand the benefits of the therapeutic class and even of Takeda's brand – so Takeda clearly weren't identifying what the hidden barriers were.

Takeda therefore approached Hall & Partners Health to delve deeper and get closer to the realities of the consultation conversation, to see first-hand the dynamics at play – not just what was said/not said, but also what was understood/not understood and heard/not heard by both doctors and patients. We had to gain as much access as possible to the usually closed arena of the consultation to truly see what was influencing behaviours.