A Colossal Commercial Challenge

ASDA operate in one of the world’s most competitive categories – UK grocery retail. In 2017 this was valued at £184.5 billion. Competition has intensified with the arrival of mass discounters such as Aldi & Lidl who compete directly for ASDA’s customer base. These commercial conditions meant that now more than ever ASDA needed a unique way to listen to their customer, to better cater for their needs.

The Complex World of Insight Management

However, bringing ASDA closer to their customers generated two significant insight management challenges:

  • ASDA’s business is fast paced with an average weekly footfall of 309,000 shoppers and thousands of product lines. This means shopper insights and mindsets can date and be unactionable almost instantly (KantarWorldPanel, 2017)
  • Grocery retail has access to many data streams – synthesizing these is an ongoing and monumental challenge