Campaign details

Brand: BBC World Service
Country: Global


The challenge

The BBC World Service Group is an international news service available on radio, TV and online, reaching 394 million people weekly in 42 languages (including English). As a public service company it has a responsibility to prove global reach and impact against its license fee funding and further funding from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

As a truly global company, measuring this reach is a huge challenge. Television and radio audience measurement exists in some markets. However, in most markets around the world such services are not available, and the best way of measuring reach is to use claimed behaviour through a survey. To withstand public scrutiny, the approach must be of the highest quality.

Furthermore, the BBC faces the same cross platform challenge that all other broadcasters face. To try and bring together different data sources to get an accurate read of people reach across platforms and devices. This problem is magnified when operating at a global scale and dealing with a broad range of data sources.