Campaign details

Brand: TUI
Agency: Bonamy Finch
Country: UK


1. Project background and overview of the problem we addressed

Consumer segmentation is the foundation for marketing activities for a huge number of businesses. Whereas several approaches to segmentation have evolved over the last few decades (personality, geodemographic, attitudinal etc.), a fundamental tension has remained: how to create a single segmentation that can operationalised across all organisational functions. Segmentations driven with brand positioning and communications in mind typically use survey data capturing higher level category attitudes and needs. Segmentations where product innovation is the primary focus look towards more granular needs and drivers of user experience. These approaches are sometimes combined within a single survey-based segmentation, but neither alone nor in combination do they deliver a framework that can be operationalised to direct eCRM initiatives. This limitation has become more important over recent years as the volume of companies creating customer databases and engaging in sustained eCRM has increased dramatically. Obversely, segmentations driven solely by parameters from the customer database (transactional, demographic etc.) are destined to remain only there – lacking as they do insight into deeper category-related motivations that provide direction for NPD and branding activities.