Campaign details

Brand: Yaani
Lead Agency: Hype
Region: EMEA


Our objective was to increase the brand awareness and usage of Turkey's search engine Yaani. But the competition among search engine was so high and it was very difficult to change users habits. %90 of all searches conducted in Turkey, were conducted on our competitors' platforms.

Target Audience

Our target audience was everyone who uses search engines.

Creative Strategy

We wanted to increase the use of Yaani as a search engine while making Turkish citizens' lives better. To do that, we designed a campaign where the promise was to plant 1 tree for each 100 searches conducted on Yaani. Our strategy was to dominate all search queries that are already conducted on Yaani, Google and Yandex. Since there were already millions of searches done everyday on the Internet, we knew that we could invite people to use Yaani instead of a competitor search engine and contribute for a greener Turkey.