Campaign details

Brand: Vodafone
Lead agency: Mindshare Turkey
Region: EMEA



Every year, as Vodafone, we aim to connect all Turkish people to each other and bring Ramadan blessings to them. Since there is an economic regression in Turkey recently, Turkish people felt budgetary constraints more than before in Ramadan. In this respect, we wanted to continue our "Vodafone understands" claim for the middle and low income Turkish people and we wanted to contribute to the family budget with our blessed offers during Ramadan.

Target Audience

Our target audience is all mobile internet users including both Vodafone and Non-Vodafone users. 18+ mobile internet users with BC1C2D socio-economic status.

Creative Strategy

Our creative strategy was shaped with simple insight; in Ramadan pita queues occur and people spent time with their phones while waiting in queues. This was the perfect opportunity and timing for delivering our message to users who are consuming mobile data while waiting for iftar. Based on this, we identified 3 provinces with the highest population of pita queues and 3 provinces with the lowest Vodafone penetration.