Campaign details

Brand: Unilever/GB Glace/Olivia Nilsson
Lead agency: Mindshare Sweden
Region: EMEA



Ice cream is a product that is highly associated with the Swedish summer. When Swedes think of ice cream they think of GB Glace, the leading and beloved brand. GB Glace is a classic and iconic brand that Swedes know and love. However, new competitors have entered the market challenging GB'S position. To gain a competitive edge, new brands offer more than new flavors but also other enticing attributes such as high protein, low-calorie and dairy free ice creams.

It was important for GB Glace to not just launch new flavors but to reinforce why they are the leading brand. They need to stay top of mind and synonymous with the Swedish summer. Summer is one of the Swedes most loved times of the year where they are outside making memories and having fun with family, experiencing "Joy" in their life.