Campaign details

Brand: Turkish Airlines
Agency: Ulaş
Region: EMEA



Turkish Airlines (TA) undertook a journey to discover 'Five Senses' with their latest campaign 'Go Beyond'. They invited travellers to hear, smell, taste, touch, see. They wanted audiences to discover locations that appeal to all five human senses within their video ad. As the phrase suggested, Turkish Airlines wanted users to 'go beyond' with their mobile experience.

Target Audience

The target audience of this campaign was travel lovers above the age of 18.

Creative Strategy

Turkish Airlines wanted to create a mobile campaign that appealed to the multiple senses of their audience with Aurora HD Interactive Mobile Video. For the first time in airline industry. The best way to deliver the message 'Go Beyond' was through an interactive mobile video campaign, by inviting users to directly engage with the video. Users tapped the screen during the video when they saw the sense that best suited their travel experience. See, hear, smell, taste and touch. The senses users chose were listed below the screen. As travelling is personal, Turkish Airlines wanted to personalize this video experience too. At the end of the interactive video, users were presented different destinations according to their choices during the video.