Campaign details

Brand: TAI
Lead Agency: Mediacore Solutions
Region: EMEA



The digital marketing campaign of the TAI University Arts Center, which offers 32 artistic degrees, including official university degrees, master's degrees and other studies, was launched with the fundamental and priority objective of generating knowledge of the TAI brand, in a moment of changes for the center, with a renewal of the visual identity and a new web with a different domain.

Similarly, as secondary objectives were marked the challenges of increasing market penetration of the center in a very specific educational sector as the Arts and increase the number of students interested in the studies offered, and ultimately, enrolled in the center.

The main obstacle was to reach a generation whose behaviors of using technologies are totally new and different, and a bit unexplored. Not in vain, it is the age group most skeptical to receive commercial or communication messages on their mobile from any brand or company (as evidenced by the study on "Consumption of mobile content in Spain" developed by the MMA, GMI and Mindshare in 2015).

Target Audience