Campaign details

Brand: Shell Advance
Lead Agency: Mediacom Vietnam
Region: APAC


Vietnam is a land of motorbikes. With an estimated 45 million motorbikes- nearly 1 for every 2 people – motorbike oil becomes an essential commodity in Vietnamese life. Castrol is the dominant player in the market with significant media spends, visibility and consumer mind-space and Shell, a distant second. Shell was also facing a business crisis as there was significant drop from awareness to preference (from 42% to 5%) with brand having been off air since 2016.

We had to address top-of-funnel, to drive impact, and cut-through strategy, to meet our objective of driving awareness and preference. Maintaining minimum frequency levels was critical along with maximizing reach through impactful strategy.

Primary Objective was to drive awareness and make Shell a preferred brand amongst our target audience, who are GenY or Millennials by integrating the brand proposition in their daily life.

Target Audience