Campaign details

Brand: Samaritan
Lead Agency: Gimbal
Region: North America


Samaritan leverages the power of Gimbal's location and advertising platform to bring simple kindness and sustaining resources to the homeless. The Samaritan app reveals the story of homeless amongst us and provides 'Samaritans' with the opportunity to give towards critical needs such as educational resources, food, and shelter with the ultimate goal of helping these individuals land a sustainable job in the workforce and getting them off the streets. Gimbal has been providing Samaritan with beacons and access to our Location Platform since 2015 to power the app itself. In addition to this work, we wanted to work with Samaritan to develop an advertising campaign that would build additional momentum for Samaritan.

The strategic objectives for our collaboration with Samaritan were two-fold. First and foremost, we wanted to build awareness around what Samaritan is and how they are alleviating homelessness in Seattle and ultimately drive downloads of the Samaritan app. Among those who did download the app, we wanted to drive active use and donations by 'Samaritans'. The largest barrier to success we needed to overcome was the limited mindshare of mobile app users and the excessive noise in the market vying for attention. To be successful, we needed to inspire users to learn more about who Samaritan is and how their work is changing lives.