Campaign details

Brand: Renault Turkey
Lead agency: Wavemaker Turkey & 4129Grey
Region: EMEA



The level of competition among car brands is aggressive. In order for brands to differentiate from others and reach in-market audience, brands use aggressive offline & online media strategies. However, the messages are likely to become obsolete due to lack of instant communication. In order to get a one step further and keep in touch with clients, we wanted to establish a sincere communication, in the fastest and most direct way.

Our target audience mostly do not prefer to contact with call center employees due to standardised communication; as if they are talking with a robot.

Considering the increasing time that people spent on mobile phones and messaging, the most charming messaging platform is Whatsapp in Turkey. We would be able to get in touch with our target audience as if they are messaging with their loved ones. This would also benefit us increasing our technological brand perception that we need to increase. With using Renault Whatsapp Business account as a communication platform, we would easily be able inform our in-market audience to aftersales or sales campaigns if they would like to get information.

Target Audience