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Brand: P/S Kids
Lead Agency: Mindshare
Region: Vietnam



In Vietnam, the number of Vietnamese children with dental cavities is on the rise:

  1. With up-to 80% of children between 4-8 years having decay
  2. 91% of the kids do not take proper care of their teeth.

(Source: National Institute of Dental Surgery Vietnam)

While Toothpaste Category penetration in Vietnam is almost 100%, it is still a very low involvement category. P/S one of the leading players in cavity protection, identified this as a challenge to improve Kids Oral Health in Vietnam.

In 2018, it launched its advanced premium portfolio with all new formulation and technology that specially caters to the oral care needs of kids.

The objective was 2-fold:

  1. Drive Trials – by up-trading users to the new portfolio and recruit non-kid users (kids who use adult toothpaste) to the category.
  2. Educate the Kids on Good Oral Health Habit by using edutainment approach and help strengthen P/S Equity.
Target Audience