Campaign details

Brand: Otees
Lead Agency: Yonder Media
Region: EMEA


Otees faced a business challenge with their Apple/Raspberry variant becoming too expensive to produce, and client asked us to find a way to engage the OTEES consumers and involve them in helping Bokomo decide which one of the 2 flavours should get its own box. It was decided that this decision could be left to the public to decide. In doing so, the strategic objectives became apparent: firstly, the campaign would need to draw general awareness to OTEES as a fun, exciting breakfast cereal in an otherwise very crowded segment, and secondly, to instil a sense of participatory identity to either the Apple or Raspberry flavours, allowing consumers to "defend" their choice. The mechanic employed needed to be fun, viral, and above all, lend itself to providing a sense of accomplishment. As the campaign was essentially a battle of the flavours, the mechanic employed needed to allow players to battle it out too.