Campaign details

Brand: Nutella
Lead Agency: OMD
Region: EMEA


Winning Jars Campaign aims to increase consideration of the brand with unique branded gifts while new Nutella App will help the brand to enrich first party data and identify consumers to be used for ongoing communication.

Our challenge was our increasing price premiumness in a very competitive market. We wanted to be the first choice of chocolate spread consumers. Nutella App was the first mobile application in the Ferrero Group that combines a consumer promo programme for Ferrero in the area and had to prove itself after the campaign.

Being a love brand with a strong fan base was our opportunity.

Increase sales vs. previous period, app download figures and code generations would be our main performance metrics.

Target Audience

When there is a happy excuse in the upcoming day, getting out the bed becomes easier. Thus Nutella targeted everyone whose want to ''Waking up to happiness'' while keeping 20-44 at the core.