Campaign details

Brand: Nike
Lead agency: Mindshare China
Region: APAC



Live games are a must win moment for Nike, and the All-Star Weekend is a huge annual moment of live games to engage basketball fans across 3 days. As a critical moment for Nike, the brand created a unique line of Jordan products customized for the moment. But more important than product, Nike wanted to use the moment as an opportunity to embed itself in the digital behaviors of its audience and enhance their once-a-year experience, rather than disrupting audiences with its advertising.

Target Audience

We are speaking to digitally engaged ballers aged 16-29. When a game is live, they are a digitally distracted audience as they flip across screens and platforms to maximize their viewership experience. They aren't just watching the game passively; they are also talking about the games in real-time on social, they are checking the latest player statistics, and they are even searching for the latest products worn by their favorite athletes.

Creative Strategy