Campaign details

Brand: Netmarble Turkey
Agency: Voden Leo Burnett
Region: EMEA



Our primary objective was to create brand awareness for our new revolutionary mobile game Lineage 2: Revolution. On top of brand awareness, we wanted our target audience to download the game, play it and make in-game purchases as well.

Target Audience

Our target audience was 15-35 years old, heavily male gamers. They tend to play games on every platform available to them such as desktop, console and mobile. Furthermore most of them do not just play, follow games' social media accounts & watch others play games primarily on Twitch & YouTube.

Creative Strategy

Our strategy was derived from the Lineage 2: Revolution itself. This MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) had the potential to start a new era in mobile gaming industry by creating real desktop game experience with its remarkable visual graphics that lets 50 vs 50 real time battles among real players. We started a launching campaign as demanding as our video game. So what have we done? By taking consideration of media channels that gamers use in their daily life frequently, we created an online campaign with the "Changing Rules of the Game" motto. We dominated every single media channel with different creatives of Lineage 2: Revolution.