Campaign details

Brand: KFC
Lead Agency: Mindshare China
Region: APAC


KFC has made the gamer community a core pillar of its communications in China since 2015. Four years on, gaming has become a serious sport in China.

Valued at US$1.25 billion in 2018

Projected to grow to US$3 billion by 2020

24% YoY growth rate for audiences aged 16 to 30

(Sources: CCTV and China National Resident Survey)

With gaming getting more serious, KFC needed to move away from the sidelines of sponsorship and into deeper engagement with gamers.

Target: Don't be just a spectator, instead become part of the game by making KFC an integral part of League of Legends, the world's most popular e-Sport game with roughly 111 million players in China alone (Source: Laoyuegou).

Target Audience

Gamers like their numbers.